Wearables are transforming almost on a weekly basis. It has hit the mainstream and the disruption is still just begun. Where do we go from here? We already have smart glasses, watches, bracelets, rings. Logically, like all computing, it will eventually become smaller and more powerful.

We wear a watch, we wear glasses, we wear a ring, but there are many other things we wear that can be part of the wearables ecosystem. We wear shoes, we wear clothes, we wear contact lenses. Eventually, wearables might even become embedded inside us.

Previously, we reported on a variety of different stretchable wearable materials engineering work.


Flexible and Stretchable Biobatteries

Wearables might have pliable micro-batteries!

Here is an interesting paper on stretchable electronics: functional materials, fabrication strategies and applications. The possibilities are truly amazing and could transform wearables forever. Here is a figure from the paper that outlines the various applications of stretchable electronics.


Credit: Figure 1. Various applications of stretchable electronics- https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/14686996.2018.1549460

This could give a whole new meaning to the internet of things.


See the paper below:


Market Forecast: Stretchable electronics to grow at 106.18% during 2016-2021