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Wearable technology can make you faster, more accurate, and keep you and your clients safer.


Too much information to consult and lots of paperwork to complete?
We are working with First Responders to reduce errors, and minimize administrative workload. Watch for more information coming soon!

You'll find us at NPC

Due to the rapidly evolving spread of the COVID-19 virus, the National Paramedic Competition has been cancelled. We are looking forward being there when it is rescheduled.
We are happy to be the title sponsor of the 2020 National Paramedic Competition. http://www.paramediccompetition.ca

Life Vine

Creating a seamless and secure communication and indoor positioning system for first responders to deploy as they arrive on the scene of an incident.


Monitoring the health and well-being of first responders on the job to manage stress and reduce injuries, burnout, and other conditions that sideline your team.

Border Security

Allowing border security officers to send and receive important information while interacting with travellers, to enhance decision-making and improve security.

Brighter Sight for Dentists

Providing a hands-free way for dentists to review patient files and record new observations and treatments while performing an exam.

About us
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Brighter Sight Overview

A division of Real-Time Engineering & Simulation Inc., BrighterSight integrates the latest wearable technologies into your workflow so you can:
• Get the information you need, faster
• Process information more efficiently
• Work more safely, with all the information you need
• Reduce the time spent doing paperwork

We get into the field with first responders so that we can truly understand what you do, how you do it, and what information you need. We work with you, from prototype through field tests, in an iterative hands-on process to develop custom applications that enhance your safety and efficiency in the field.

Our philosophy

Using human systems integration to design and develop wearable device applications integrated into the whole-work environment to improve day-to-day work-flow

Our values

We are building an integrated system with improved real-time actionable data; not simply apps, but a thorough analysis of current processes and workflow, and the use of modern technology to improve the most critical aspects. We aim to fix the problem before you know there is one

Our mission statement

To Introduce technology that will assist without Impeding, bringing you information in a timely and convenient manner using the latest technologies for wearable devices

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