Most, if not all, are adapting to the new normal of working from home. There are various challenges to working from home and trying to balance work and home life at the same time. Technology is being used more than ever to connect us all. Virtual meetings, teleconferencing, cloud services are just some of the technological tools being used. As we eventually work our way back to the new normal, teleworking will become part of that new norm. It could lead to more productivity, less burden on companies for operational costs and eliminate commute time. The question becomes, is the technology good enough to get us to the next step of feeling like we are in the office but virtually? What is the next step beyond virtual teleconferencing? A few of the big tech have already notified their staff that remote work is here to stay for their employees. Perhaps these companies are working towards technology to enable that vision. It could be augmented and virtual reality that takes us to the next level of remote work. Facebook was one of these companies that is allowing for more remote work long term. Facebook is potentially working towards the possibilities of AR and VR for remote work. Check out more below