Smart glasses have come a long way. Google pushed the concept by bringing forth the Google Glass and other big-name tech companies are bringing their big names to the smart glasses table. Apple is one of these companies and has been working on its Apple glasses for a while now. BrigherSight has been keeping an eye on Apple’s recent rumours of the possibility of Apple augmented reality glasses. It all started with the acquisition of  Akonia Holographics, Apple has been working on augmented reality glasses ever since. Here is where it all started, Apple has been pushing the Apple watch for the past couple years and now the new Apple Glass is coming very soon to join the Apple family soon. The question is, will Tim Cook have enough to compete against the other major AR glasses on the market? The glasses will be a holographic display in their lenses that will connect to iphone products. It will even allow for a prescription to be used with the glasses. The year 2020 could be the year of the smart glasses. Perhaps no better time to create an augmented reality for interacting with each other and the world. The Apple Glass will start at ~500 USD with options for prescription lenses add on, will allow for gesture interaction and work with the iPhone paired. The official release will be later 2021 or 2022. Read more here: