We are living in a new normal. Our everyday lives have changed drastically. We are working, shopping and communicating differently altogether. It is in times like these we can show our true humanity. As generations and generations have evolved over the years, we have found incredible ways to use technology to make our lives easier.

In many cases, technology is at the forefront of evolution. Given our current situation, it only makes sense that technology will enable us to continue to keep safe while remaining productive to the best of our abilities. Many people are working from home using a variety of different technologies. There are situations, where we must still step out of the house to get essentials. In the case of essential workers, such as paramedics, they have to continue doing their essential and critical functions to keep society going. How can technology help us in these scenarios? Well, it looks like a simple Google AR tool is trying to do just that.

BrighterSight has been using Google Glass in a variety of different development projects. This latest AR tool is an interesting one that could be simple yet life-saving. On any Android device, using a Chrome browser users can go to goo.gle/sodar to launch the SODAR tool. This AR tool will project a 2 meter radius around your device to remind you to physical distance.  

Check it out here. https://sodar.withgoogle.com/