Wearables are amazing. However, like all technology, they are great when things are working and you have enough battery charge to last your tasks. Batteries, and the evolution of them, play a huge role in the impact of technology solutions. We reported on bendable batteries in a previous blog.


and also what a company named StoreDot is working on:


Here is another paper that was recently published titled, “Flexible and Stretchable Biobatteries: Monolithic Integration of Membrane-Free Microbial Fuel Cells in a Single Textile Layer”.

This new battery has the ability to remain stable while stretched and moved over and over again. This makes it a very viable option for technologies that might be body worn or even embedded in the body. Wearable tattoos anyone?


Check out more about the paper here:


Check out what else they are working.  Microbial Fuel Cells