It crept up on the major consumer market and before we knew it they were using an AI voice controlled device like Google Home or Alexa Assistant to control our smart home. Researchers saw this coming with all the investments into artificial intelligence over the past decade. The disruptive technology has spilled over to the consumer world before anyone could blink an eye. The possibilities are exciting, to say the least. We have various large companies working on AI for enterprise level tasks to smaller consumer-level tasks. If your combine wearables with artificial intelligence, it could make the technologies even more powerful.

One AR headset we been tracking over the recent year is MagicLeap.

Magic Leaps into facial recognition, identity authentication, and document verification

Well, beyond just an augmented reality headset, the company has been working on artificial intelligence. They call her Mica. It is unlike Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa in that is not design for everyday smart home type tasks but rather an AI agent that you can see and interact with. This has possible applications in the medical field. Whether it be virtual doctors, training and education, or simulation to help with mental health, the possibilities are endless.

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