The long-awaited Magic Leap is finally here. As previously mentioned, it is one of the most secret startups in the AR world. They have raised a ton of funding (looking for 500M more) and is valued at almost 6 billion dollars. That was even before anyone even seen the AR headset. The company is set to release its first set of Magic Leap in Feb 2018 to a lucky selected few early developers. It has now finally been unveiled Magic Leap glasses to the public. Of course, it might still just be a prototype, but the invention is evolving as we speak. Interesting, Magic Leap’s new patent application links facial recognition, identity authentication, and document verification, and could signal the stealth company’s interest in cyber security applications. This will expand the capabilities and target specific applications. This new patent targets security. If it works as claimed, this will change the way airport, border, and police officers identify individuals. The use of AR and AI can help control our borders and assist first responders with providing critical information in real-time.

Magic Leap Mixed Reality Headset. (Image: AFP Relaxnews)

From Hollywood to reality, a real-life RoboCop might not be too far away.

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To read more about the recent new patent click on the link below.