Smart glasses have come a long way. Google pushed the concept by bringing forth the Google Glass and other big-name tech companies are bringing their names to the smart glasses table. Apple is one of these companies and has been working on its Apple glasses for a while now.
Apple AR Headset 2022 & Glasses 2023
One of the main issues with smart eyewear is the look and feel of them. People don’t want to look like they have a computer in front of their eyes. In addition, wearing them for a long time could cause major discomfort, especially if it is heavy or not the right fit. Apple is looking at the human factors issues of their smart eyewear and their latest patent shows just that.   The new patent is called “Electronic Device With Lens Position Sensing”. This a very intriguing if it could sense the user’s nose position and adjust the position of the lens to provide the most comfortable viewing experience. If this works out and the patent survives, it could solve one of VR’s biggest issues, comfort.   Looking forward to seeing the Apple AR glasses and hopefully, this patent eventually is successful to the point it influences the look, feel and comfort of the AR glasses industry as a whole.