Hollywood is not real. Movies are created to entertain us and in some cases provide a message about change or raise awareness. Special effects in Hollywood blockbusters are getting bigger and better. It sometimes can dictate the technology disruptors in real life. I am sure we have all seen movies where the UAV camera or a CCTV camera captures a crime in action at a very low resolution but all of a sudden after the lead actor demands the image to be zoomed and enhanced followed by a facial recognition button that starts a matching query into a criminal database that results in a match, that can seem a little too Hollywood for many. Does such an image recognition “zoom and enhance” system exist in real life?

Well, looks like Amazon has been working on something. It is called Amazon Rekognition.

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Amazon is shipping image/video recognition?

There is some controversy over the use of facial recognition in law enforcement. Do we really want big brother always watching? What about privacy? What if the system is faulty and we give it too much trust.

The controversy has reached the US Congress and the Senate is proposing a bill that will control the use of tracking systems like Amazon Recognition.

Is this a good thing or not? What do you think?

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Source: Amazon’s Rekognition software lets cops track faces: Here’s what you need to know – CNET