There is currently a crisis in the drug world. Opioid overdose is an issue that continues to grow. These are drugs that are prescribed to relieve pain, in most cases, and they are being abused by patients. How can we combat abuse and overdose? Education is one thing, but it might not always work when the patient in a desperate state. There needs to be a proactive preventative solution. Maybe a wearable device that can track signs of an overdose and perhaps administer an antidote.

That is exactly what the University of Purdue is working on. A wearable device that can detect an opioid overdose and trigger the release of an antidote.

The wearable device measures the respiration rate and is able to see major changes due to an opioid overdose, and then trigger the release of an antidote into the skin. Heat is used to melt the capsule and release the drug.

If this device works and is adopted in the mainstream, it has the potential to combat the opioid overdose epidemic.

Another incredible use of wearable technology in the health care world.

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