A real-time blood pressure monitor patch? These words would have never made sense ten years ago. Now, when someone reads that, they might think, I guess that is possible.

A team of researchers led by the University of California San Diego published a paper in the journal  Nature Biomedical Engineering, describing their work on the real-time blood pressure monitor patch. The ultrasound patch monitors blood pressure on an ongoing basis in major arteries as deep as four centimetres below the skin. This could change the way wearables aid in the physiological monitoring of the human body. Embedded devices like this can take wearable devices ( optional to take off ) to always on. In this case, if a patient requires their blood pressure to be monitored or might have a tendency to perhaps forget to take the measurements, this device can help.

This device could be connected to another visual wearable device ( smart glasses) to provide continuous blood pressure updates or if certain conditions are met ( aka alerts).

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