There is no dought, wearables are up and coming. Some might even argue that it is already officially arrived. Wearables like other disruptive technologies require more than breaking through the barriers of mainstream usage but also the supporting structure to keep it sustainable. One of the ways a new technology survives is through continued sustained development. It can be done via large corporations, open source communities and/or training/education.
Schools are starting to recognize that the field of wearables is an area of study that requires investment. There are several university/college programs that are starting to spring up with a dedicated field of studies in the area of wearables. BrighterSight previously reported on a new program from the University of Calgary.
Here is another one from OCAD, at 100 McCaul Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5T 1W1.
From the site,
Wearable Technology Minor @ OCAD
A minor in Wearable Technology draws together an understanding of sensory and wireless technologies, and fabrication skills in electronics and material arts. It also develops an understanding of the sociology of the body and how it enables possibilities for artists and designers to create new experiences with technology. This program takes a holistic, experimental and concept-led approach to the subject matter. It integrates science, art, design, craft, technology, fashion and philosophy enabling the student to conceive, design, develop and fabricate basic working prototypes and art works.Read more here: