How much is your safety worth to you? Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could send a bat signal and get Batman to help in an emergency? Maybe wearables can be the in-between solution until Batman shows up.

Would you pay $10 per month for a 24/7/365 Nationwide Personal Safety Service and Device? The makers of Ripple Safety sure hopes so.

The Ripple Safety system is the size of a small coin and can be worn with discretion. Here is how it works according to the website,

How it Works

When you click your Ripple Button, the alert generates your personal profile for the Ripple Monitoring Team. They now have all the vital information that First Responders need to send help, saving you invaluable time during an emergency.

Using this device, you can connect to the paid Ripple emergency service team and they get the help you need ( i.e. first responders etc.)

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