A wearable that reliefs chronic pain? Yes, why not. With the advancement of neurotechnology, we now have a better understanding of how the human body works in terms of pain.  Dr. Shai Gozani while conducting medical research at MIT developed a wearable device that can do just that. He formed a company, Neurometrix, that continued the development of a device called Quell, which provides pain relief via wearable technology.

We might have seen a lot these types of nerve stimulation technology devices making lots of different claims about pain relief. What makes this slightly different is the science and research and development. Based on the journal publications, posters and abstracts, there is a lot of evidence making the claim of “clinically proven technology”.

Based on the website, Quell is the only over the counter pain relief device that is FDA cleared for use while sleeping.

BrighterSight might be interested to test out a few of these just to validate some of the claims.


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