Remember the days of the big SGI (Silicon Graphics Inc) machines?

Graphics cards have been almost revolutionary in terms of technology developments. From the days of low-resolution gaming to now being able to experience virtual reality, it’s exciting to see how much smaller, faster and powerful they can get. We have come a long way. They are being used to mine cryptocurrency, although it does take a lot of energy and graphics cards, it can only get better from here.

From a BrighterSight’s perspective, the new Nvidia cards will come with new connectors to boost bandwidth for VR applications. Higher res, more bandwidth and custom VR connectors mean NVIDIA knows the gaming world might be heading towards VR gaming environment soon. The GTX 1180 will be capable of outputting up to 120Hz to VR headsets at high resolutions over a single cable.


Check out from NVIDIA new graphics card below:,37067.html