Volumetric capture is the next big thing in video capture. Companies like electronic arts get athletes to wear the capture suit to replicate player movements for their video games. Well, the next big thing might be here. According to the company¬† MetaStage, volumetric video is the next phase in the evolution of video and capturing human performance at the highest level. First, there were photos, and then video, but at each phase, we were flat! Now we can capture in full 3d and replicate a person’s movement in 3d. This would apply to view the volumetric capture in mixed reality headsets such as the HoloLens or holographic projector systems. Metastage has just opened a studio in Los Angeles. They are using Microsoft’s mixed-reality platform. This could have a huge impact on the entertainment industry but it could be applicable to enterprise services for training/real-time environment. In particular, for a first responder wearing mixed reality glasses, they would be able to have a virtual volumetric 3d training aid right in front of them. It could a video capture of their instructor going over a process or even someone that helps the first responder remains calm enough to handle the task at hand. A lot of possibilities with tremendous untapped potential for a variety of applications. Looking forward to seeing what comes next for Metastage.   Learn more here: https://metastage.com/   On a related note: Check out intel studios’s volumetric studio