Canada is investing in wearable technology. Startups are popping up everywhere across the country. Canada has the talent to disrupt the wearable technology field. Graduates from various universities across the country are joining startup firms and learning on the job and working towards the art of the possible in the world of wearable technologies.

The field of wearable technology is growing so rapidly that it was just a matter of time the topic of wearables became its own field of study. That is exactly what is happening at the University of Calgary. UCalgary has officially launched a program specializing in wearable technology. According to the UCalgary website, the goal is to train upwards of 80 master’s and PhD students from multiple faculties over the next six years, though a few undergraduates will also be admitted each year. Students will receive training in the biomechanics of human motion, data science, data visualization, knowledge translation, and entrepreneurship. Canadian and international students are welcome to apply.

The program seems to be focusing on wearables for gathering data from the patients/individuals, and Brightersight is more in the market of sending-and-receiving information with first responders in real time. Though we see the value of this research we are looking forward to a pool of Canadian resources and seeing what the future graduates from the program do for the world of wearables and representing Canada.


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