According to, Olympus is the highest peak aka mount, of a mountain in Greece. It is on the boundary between Thessaly and Macedonia. In Greek mythology, it is believed to be the home of the Greek gods.

Olympus Corporation, the Japanese manufacturer of optics and reprography products has reemerged and is once again trying to climb in the smart glasses market against the likes of Vuzix and Epson Moverio.

Olympus has been in the smart glasses technology business for many years and now it is getting back into the game with the release of the EyeTrek INSIGHT EI-10. What makes the glasses somewhat unique is the fact that it is open-source enterprise focused. Unlike Vizix and Espon, the EyeTrek INSIGHT EI-10 is aiming to attract the open source developer crowd. It is putting the technology into the hands of the users and allowing them to really customize the applications.

I don’t see this thing going into mass production especially when is priced at $1500 USD but I like where they are going with this. Power to the people.

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EyeTrek INSIGHT EI-10 Specifications