We have all been hearing a lot more about collaboration in the workplace. Open door policy and open floor concepts all working towards an innovative and future-oriented workplace. Employers are now very open to the concept of working from home and there have been linkages to increased productivity when it comes to working in a less distracting environment. What is next? telepresence is possible and people use that to connect with their team members for meetings etc. What is comes after that? Perhaps augmented reality? Virtually be in the same space as your team members without actually being there. A company by the name Spatial has developed an augmented reality “holographic” collaboration platform that team members can use to collaborate in virtual rooms. Members of the team apply as avatars in the virtual world that are mixed with someone else’s reality. Spatial’s mission is to empower people to be more connected, creative, and productive. Can’t wait to try it out. This is very applicable to first responders and surgeons. Check out more here:   https://spatial.io/