The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a great time of the year for tech geeks. Showcasing the latest TVs, smartphones, laptops, etc., what’s not to love? The technology at the show is sure to make the top of many people’s nice-to-have list. The beauty of technology is that, when it is applied to critical tasks the impact of the technology can go beyond nice-to-have and eventually become a must-have. An example of this is the Chinese smartphone manufacturer ZTE partnering up with Qualcomm and Wearsafe to create a new personal safety wearable.

Technology that can save your life has a tremendous potential impact. ZTE describes the device as

“a discrete wearable device that is designed to connect the consumer to third parties such as first responders, monitoring companies, and family almost instantly through the push of a button.”

The partnership between the companies brings key expertise and the potential for a really good technology that can save a lot of lives. The partnership was announced at CES and the first prototype will most likely come later this year. Essentially the device will enable, at the push of a button, a GPS location and an audio stream of what’s going on will be sent to key contacts. This could be the new way to call 911 ( without a cell phone) and give more insight into what is happening in a  discrete manner.

Here is what it might look like based on the work from Wearsafe.