Thalmic lab’s Myo device is an armband that allows users to use gestures to interact with devices. The company has grown over the last couple years and just last year they were awarded additional funding of 120 million (U.S.) from Amazon and Intel to develop a new interface for wearable technology.

  • Amazon’s Alexa fund invested in Thalmic Labs’ US series B last fall.
  • The startup invented the underlying sensor technology that powers Myo, a gesture control armband.
  • Thalmic CEO Stephen Lake says the product it’s building with funding from Amazon will not be a Myo 2.0 or even use the exact same gesture sensor technology.

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The interface they are developing must be working with Alexa. I wonder if Alexa will eventually have the power to interface with gestures? Maybe it is a new interface altogether. Maybe it has something to do with Amazon’s health tech lab.

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Advancements in the human-computer interface field particularly for the medical industry could be a huge advancement if it makes critical tasks easier to use/access.  Whatever it is, I am excited.

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Hey Amazon, you already invested in Thalmic Labs, how about Toronto or Waterloo for your new North America location?

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