The US Army is investing in telemedicine. The technology they are planning on using is called Medical Hands-free Unified Broadcast, or MEDHUB. The idea is to transport the healthcare information from the field via mHealth devices to the hospital. This could have a positive effect on transitioning patients in a timely manner, perhaps providing remote telemedicine feedback and also provide accurate medical records to the field.

For now, the concept is to collect health data via the mHealth devices which run on smart devices like phones/tablets and wearables that will transmit the data to the hospital for the particular patient.

This was developed by the US Army Medical Materiel Agency

Here is a snippet from the release

“Imagine you are a medic on the battlefield and you just pick up six of your wounded battle buddies for a casualty evacuation. You are busy trying to save their lives and get them to the next level of care, which is a nearby field hospital that has no idea how many patients you are bringing or their conditions,” said Wang. “The goal is to keep the medic focused for performing life-saving tasks for multiple patients and remain unencumbered from documentation and reporting.”

I wonder if Anduril will partner up with this MEDHUB initiative?

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For the full press release on MEDHUB check out the link below: