A computer keyboard is a device that is used to punch letters on that translates on a digital screen. The keyboard grew from the concept of a typewriter and was the main method in human-computer interactions for decades until the mouse was introduced in 1984.

There have been many versions of the keyboard. From the standard, laptop size, flexible, handheld to name a few. In recent years, there has been a tremendous amount of development into advanced computer interfaces like voice ( voice to text, gesture and even brain interface).

Here is another one from TAP. A single hand device that enables text, navigation, control and input into Bluetooth devices using gestures and finger tapping. It is similar to the idea of a dataglove like the ones below.

Image result for data glove movie


Image result for data glove movie

The TAP enables a user to type on any surface, which could be ideal for aeroplanes, cars and smaller spaces in addition to non-seated positions like the ones first responders are often in. The TAP Strap 2 is backed by Stanford Language Learning Research and could be the future of communication and input. Once you learn how to use it ( which could take 2 hrs or more) it could change the way you interface with the internet of things. It is compatible with IOS, Andriod, OS X and Windows.

Will this change on or is this device just another step into another solution?

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