First responders do amazing work. But sometimes the only person that can actively take care of you…. is you.  You are ultimately in charge of your health. With technology, that statement can become more of a reality. Wearables for the healthcare sector is booming. It is augmenting the way we track our health, interact with medical staff and keep previlent medical records with us at all time.

Another evidence of this is the latest gadget from EndlessID. This fashionable device can potentially aid a first responder to help save your life one day.  By keeping your medical records with you at all time on this bracelet, it allows first responders to quickly access your records in case you are not able to provide it at the time of the emergency. Case in point, if you are knocked unconscious in a car crash and medical staff arrive, the Endless ID acts as your “digital key” that unlocks your medical contact information/records. This is extremely helpful if you are not in a state that fosters clear concise conversation.

The device works with NFC ( Near-Feild Communication). The only thing this gadget really needs for full adoption is buy-in from the first responder team. They will need to have the corresponding NFC enabled EndlessID Apple app.

Here are the features of the device according to the website:

Cool features of Bracelet and Card:

• Uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology
• Quick access to medical and emergency contact information with a simple tap of any NFC enabled mobile device or online access
• Instant alert to emergency contact when bracelet or card is accessed with geo-location of where your loved one is being cared for
• 3 step online activation process completed within minutes
• Online profile can be changed and updated at any time and as often as you like
• Personal photo can be added to profile
• Medical & Identification tag features Caduceus Symbol and Near Field Communication (NFC) Symbol on the front of bracelet and card
• Features unique id and pin number for web access on the back of the bracelet and card
• Battery-free, durable and safe to wear all day and night
• Water resistant
• First year free subscription to Endless ID Plus

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