A startup accelerator for homeland security? Sounds like something we needed a long time ago and on the right path. That is exactly what iHLS (Israel Homeland Security) has put together.

From the website

iHLS Accelerator is the first startup accelerator in the world in the security and homeland security field. The accelerator puts a major emphasis on the advancement of technological projects and their empowerment through a development and maturation process that would make them leading companies.


HLS, big data, IoT, unmanned systems, robotics, cyber, border security and defense, strategic installations security, deep learning, nanotechnology, electro-optics, civilian security, aerodynamics, video analytics, image processing, face recognition, aerial defense, safe/smart city, AR/VA, training and simulation, etc.

This accelerator is a great initiative to start fostering new technological solutions for the security fields. Of interest to BrighterSight are the technologies related to first responders.

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This article is along the vision of what BrighterSight sees the future of a technological connected first responders team might be in the near future.