Its always hard to get kids to wash their hands. Now more than ever, washing your hands can save your life. For health care professionals, it is necessary many times a day. Infection Prevention and Control Canada ( IPAC) has a lot of information about everything there is to know about handwashing.  There is a dedicated webpage full of information about Hand Hygiene. Front line workers such as paramedics and hospitals are constantly required to wash their hands in their profession. It is sometimes hard to remember to do it entering and leaving a room. There are voice reminder devices and/or sensors that workers can wear to send reminders. There is of course even an app for that. With the surge of wearables, it was just a matter of time until a wearable application was created to remind people to watch their hands. Wear OS, Google’s operating system for smartwatches and wearables has just updated its software (Google Clock app) which enables sending periodic reminders to wash your hands. The v5.4.0 update for the Google Clock app will include this feature.

This is another example of simple smart technology that can aid in a saving lives.