One thing Brighter Sight/RTeng.Pro is keenly tracking:  indoor positioning of individuals and assets.  Once we get technology ironed out, such that a firefighter can go into a smoke-filled room & know where they are, then…

The Cosumnes Fire Department Next Generation SMART Concept which they also call “911 Go” is looking at advanced technology solutions to train and educate firefighters. The technology includes the use of mixed reality and augmented reality headsets.


The work is in concept development still but it is exciting to see what the future of firefighters training may entail. Commanders could eventually receive Intel via their AR or VR displays and the networks they run on could communicate with public phones via an app to enable sharing of critical information.

SMART concept includes the following :

360 virtual reality video

3d scanned scenes 

Point cloud data

Photo realistic point clouds

Physics based rendering and modelling of 3d objects

Serious gaming 

Virtual reality platforms

Virtual city

AI avatars

Augmented reality objects

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