Smart Glasses are here to stay. It has already impacted the enterprise world by augmenting the way workers do their jobs. Now, it is being featured in Hollywood movies. We have seen Hollywood include Virtual and Augmented Reality in the movies in the past with films such as The Lawnmower Man, Ironman and Avatar. Most of those movies used Hollywood “magic” aka special effects to create the experience. Now that the technology has finally caught up with the director’s vision, movies are starting to use actual smart glass systems.

Case in point, the Six15 DARWIN Smart Glasses is featured in New AMERICAN ASSASSIN movie. Six15 has been in the business long enough that they have delivered over 15,000 display systems to forces in active military combat and covert operations.

From the six-15 website: The Six15 DARWIN Smart Glasses Platform is an augmented reality (AR) accessory platform. DARWIN leverages the battery and application processor from an Android® or Windows host device to reduce the size, weight, power, and cost over competing alternatives. Implementation is streamlined through the use of a simple API over a USB 2.0 interface, reducing the burden of system integration and expediting ROI.

Like other smart glasses in the market, the DARWIN smart glasses from Six-15 can be used in enterprise settings such as logistics, field services, healthcare and manufacturing.

Of interest to BrighterSights is healthcare. The Six-15 website claims that the Darwin glasses can boost productivity and improve patient care. Particularly, the DARWIN smart glasses can help healthcare professionals do that following:

  • Professionals can document, record and share patient information while having instant access to monitoring devices and medical records
  • Remote collaboration with two-way “see-what-I-see” communication improves quality of care and speeds up treatment time
  • Uninterrupted patient care using hands-free charting improves the quality of care and treatment time

Check out a clip from the movie:


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