Lets face it, life can get busy. It is getting harder to balance work , life and health all at the same time. 

This is where technology can perhaps help aid the health tracking part of your life. There are many wearable fitness trackers available that can help track your physiological bio data. The data is only half the battle. The data analysis is the key to enabling the devices to help you change health habits over time.

Welbi, a health analysis software package links most, if not all, wearable fitness tracking devices ( i.e. fitbit) to a mobile app running on a smartphone or a tablet.

This software can be used to track your health data and send you important alerts/patterns/trends or help keep track of love ones like your elderly parents. It can even be used on your kids to make sure they are within the normal ranges or make sure they are getting the right amount of physical activity and sleep daily.

Welbi tracks heart rate, activity, sleep quality, weight, blood pressure, blood glucose and blood oxygen.

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