Being a first responder is not an easy job. You have to make critical, sometimes life-saving, decisions in split seconds. There is a lot of pressure to make sound rational decisions in an often frantic situation. Technology has enabled the capturing of what first responders are experiencing with wearable cameras. Networks are allowing the captured video to be shared with the “blue-force” team in real-time, thus extending the situational awareness of each person on the team.

Brighter Sight is always looking for innovative companies building innovative solutions to help the common goal of making first responder’s job easier and more effective with the potential use of technology. One company that has developed a unique real-time technology platform for first responders is Equature.  Their Interactive Response Management system increases operational success, reduce operating costs, improve safety and maximize citizen satisfaction.


Check out a clip of what they are doing for first responders with body-worn cameras:

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