What happened in Puerto Rico was terrible. It will take years to fully recover. First responders have been working around the clock to do everything in their power to do their job to the best of their ability. This becomes especially hard to do when there is barely any telecommunication networks and electricity. Hard to read tweets from President Trump when only 40% of telecommunications and 7% electricity has been restored.

Shooting free throws with paper towels can only help so much. Well, lucky for the Puerto Rico governor, America has some real talent that can help with what you really need. POWER!

Elon Musk, the South African-born Canadian-American founder, CEO, and CTO of Telsa has offered to help Puerto Rico with what they really need, and that is to provide power. Solar power to be exact.  Power will enable more communications. Communication leads to first responders doing their jobs more effectively and saves more lives. First responders require telecommunication to help track GPS locations and coordinate rescues and provide key supplies to the area that signals the requirement.

This sounds like a pretty modern solution to help provide power. What is interesting is whether or not they looked into the locomotives as emergency generators as a solution. Locomotives have to be modified to run at a set speed to generate the 60hz power needed, so you won’t get the full rated HP of the locomotive. This is exactly what was done in Quebec Canada in 1998 after a massive ice storm.

Either way, locomotive or solar power, it’s better than shooting free throws with paper towels.

Elon, America is happy to have you represent the country.

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