Can smart glasses ever really look cool? Look normal? Or will we always look like a cyborg when we have them on? Breaking technology into the fashion industry is not an easy task. Especially one that is worn on the face. The technology might be useful in an enterprise application setting but in the consumer world, it has to be a little more discreet. Who wants to wear a computer on their face? If smart glasses can look like real glasses, maybe we won’t look like a cyborg.

Another company names Human Capable is working on the Norm Glasses. The name of the glasses tells you exactly what the main goal of the glasses is. To look normal.

It has got all the features to make the glasses enhance our everyday actions. Provide us with the “sixths sense” sort of speak.

  1. Turn by turn nav
  2. Camera
  3. Listen and watch instructions
  4. record video
  5. head gestures ( kind of new)
  6. phone capabilities
  7. text messages
  8. scanner ( augment your world).

Here are the specs from the website:

Tech Specs

Operating System & Compatibility:

Android Based OS
Compatible with Android & IOS phones


Dual-Core up to 1.2 GHz
8 GB Storage


Stereo Speakers
Privacy Distance Setting


Resolution: 8MP static, and
1080p video
Field of view: 72 degrees


Voice Commands
Touch Controls
Head Gesture

Head-up Display:

Field of view: 20 degrees


9-axis gyroscope


4 day standby
2-hour charging time

Other Features:

Rain, Splash, and Sweat resistant
Weighs less than 36 grams

See more and pre-order it here: