Fashion and technology are coming together. Even better, functional uniforms with technology integration could change the way we do our jobs. In this case, Nokia has come up with a uniform for firefighters that has integrated pockets for sensors. Various sensors can be used to measure physiological data, like GPS, amongst other things.

This version of the uniform requires the user to remove the devices and charge them up each time they want to use it. Of course, technology is great if it works effectively and is actually on. Perhaps the next version of the uniform will have a lightweight integrated battery built in that “powers” the uniform/suit. Now it’s sounding more like the Ironman. Then again, firefighters save lives and superheroes are known to do the same.

In our previous blogs, we discussed various options for battery power that several companies/researchers have been working on.

Bendable battery

Flexible and Stretchable Biobatteries

Perhaps a quick charge battery, blendable battery, induction charge, kinetic energy charge, or solar charge can be incorporated into the future firefighter superhero uniform.

When all the battery power extension issues are resolved, the next logical step to investigate is data management and real-time meshed network data transmission between the uniforms.

If all uniforms will collect data including GPS locations, that data will need to be “downloaded” or transmitted in real-time. The aggregation of data feed into a machine learning system could derive new methods to optimize job efficiency.

When robust technology, used in right context, to help make firefighters do their job more effectively, it’s a win-win situation.

Looking forward to seeing what is next and how this translates to other uniform services, especially the ones providing services to the public.