The Department of Homeland Security will be hosting the Next Generation First Responders Harris County Operational Experimentation (OpEx) December 4-5, 2018 in Houston.


From the press release,

The OpEx will integrate first responder technologies using open standards in the NGFR Integration Handbook to enhance the mission capabilities of Houston-area responders and the U.S. Coast Guard during a HAZMAT scenario.


The OpEx will enable partners to learn and discuss integration requirements of first responders and technologies within an urban and rural environment.

From the press release,

DHS S&T and industry partners are
providing technologies such as responder and patient
physiological monitoring sensors, indoor location tracking,
HAZMAT sensors, smart alerting for responders and
incident command, advanced data analytics, and situational
awareness and collaboration dashboards. DHS S&T and
partners hope to demonstrate how integrated solutions
deliver greater operational impact.


BrighterSight will be interested to see the outcomes of these demonstrations.

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