With technology advancing at a rapid pace, the only thing that seems to be slowing the efficiency of the devices is power. Smart devices, like cell phones and wearable watches, are changing the way we interact on a daily basis to a point where we have now become reliant on them. When our battery on our smartphone devices run low, we instantly go into panic mode. We fear the world will change beyond recognition from a digital standpoint if we are disconnected from the “Matrix”.

Perhaps we are not too far from the world where we might never be disconnected. In order to ensure that, we need to solve the problem of power. A company by the name of StoreDot created some buzz with their 30-sec charge battery.

Other areas researchers are looking into is wireless self-charging. A research team by the name of KAIST, has developed a permanent, wireless self-charging platform for low-power wearable electronics by converting near-infrared (NIR) band irradiation to electrical energy.


An interesting concept. The use of the NIR band to charge low power devices could mean that we can have wearables ready and available to run for emergency purposes in critical times.

This research could be used in other areas such as drones and the thousands or internet of thing devices.

Read more at: https://www.kaist.ac.kr/_prog/_board/?code=ed_news&mode=V&no=86881&upr_ntt_no=86881&site_dvs_cd=en&menu_dvs_cd=0601