Remember the flip phone? For some of us, this was the first cellphone we ever had. We had to take it out of our purse/pocket and flip it open to answer the call. Back then, we use to talk on the phone a lot more than we do now. This might the reason why the flip phone might have been phased out. Users wanted more screen size and phones became personal computers we can do everything on. The more screen size, the more we could see and do, like texting instead of answering and talking on the phone. Motorola was one of the first flip phones ever created.

File:First Generation Motorola StarTAC cellular phone.jpg

Well, it looks like Motorola is making a come back with the flip phone with the help of OLED foldable screens. The Motorola RAZR2019 is one unique looking phone. It is set to come out in early 2020.


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