Microsoft wants in on the healthcare industry. With all the smart devices such as wearables and medical record capturing development occurring in the healthcare industry, the data will need to be stored, organized and retrievable. This is a challenging problem as data is only good if you can make sense of it. Concepts such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and data analytics are maturing gradually.

A year ago, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella tasked Microsoft Research NExT, the company’s specialized scientists to take the company’s most cutting-edge tech and apply it to enhancing healthcare.

Read more about Microsoft Research NExT led by Dr. Peter Lee, Microsoft Corporate VP:

The team is adding two more members to the A-Team.

  1. Jim Weinstein, Vice President, Microsoft Healthcare, Head of Innovation and Health Equity
  2. Joshua Mandel, Chief Architect, Microsoft Healthcare

BrighterSight is interested to see what Microsoft’s Healthcare A-Team comes up with.

Read more about the announcement here: