Augmented reality is the enhancement/supplementation of reality with the aid of a computational device. Unlike virtual reality, augmented reality does not fully immerse the user into a virtual environment. Augmented reality augments the view of the real world with a virtual world. The virtual world can be a 2d computer display of information and/or a 3d holographic model. The augmented world can be tracked using object recognition by augmented reality systems to allow for interactions.There are numerous companies that make hardware systems for augmented reality.

Augmented Reality can be enhanced with object interaction. Leap Motion is a company that has been developing hand tracking devices for several years. As they continue to work on a variety of game changing products, one of their most intriguing projects is Project North Star. Imagine being able to interact with the real world with an augmented one that can provide just in time virtual data/visuals? We wouldn’t be too far from creating the sixth’s sense using augmented reality and real time data. Project North Star is looking at hand tracking that would allow the user to interact with the virtual objects within an augmented reality view. It combines the benefits of the Leap Motion device for hand tracking objects in a 3d space. The project is a development project, so the user still has to do some integration work. The project includes instructions to build a low cost headset and is now fully open source.

You can follow the step by step instructions via

and the story behind the project

Our Journey to the North Star

It is a development community, so the more people share the more the product advances.