Brightersight has been keeping track, pun intended, of IPS- indoor positioning systems for a while now. IPS solutions can benefit first responders in many aspects from tracking the location of firefighters during a rescue mission, tracking a police officer indoors during a target pursue or paramedics saving lives during a natural disaster in an indoor scenario.

Here are some previous blogs about IPS from Brightersight.

Department of Homeland Security- Precision Outdoor and Indoor Navigation and Tracking for Emergency Responders (POINTER)

Keep on tracking! 

SMART -Next generation First Responder solutions 

Here is another company (Localino) that is doing similar work when it comes to IPS.

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Localino provides localization systems as well as hardware for research and development purposes.

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If you want to learn on to use the hardware, check out the list of tutorials below,

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On a related note, the latest Andriod release, Andriod Pie aka Andriod P supports for the IEEE 802.11mc WiFi protocol (WiFi RTT) which lets apps measure their distance to an access point and by using triangulation, it can deduct the indoor position up to one or two meters.