The new iPhone has a UWB chip for indoor positioning. The technology is also what Brighter Sight’s parent company RTeng.Pro has been working on, called LifeVine ( The LifeVine project is  helping track indoor positioning of first responders in emergency situations.

Life Vine is looking at creating a seamless and secure communication and indoor positioning system for first responders to deploy as they arrive on the scene of an incident.

The iPhone ‘s UWB indoor tracking feature looks very promising. UWB technology can locate objects within a 30cm accuracy. It can pass through walls easily but not interfering with Wi-Fi. Ideal for indoor tracking requirements.

UWB uses time of flight which allows users to know the direction and distance to an object. UWB might perhaps replace Bluetooth technology in the near future due to its accuracy. Once the costs come down to a reasonable amount, it will no dought be the go-to choice for tracking due to its benefits.

This technology could hit the mainstream consumer market via the iPhone. It would enable another entire world of automation. The iPhone being carried by a person into a room could trigger room automation scripts.

For first responders, this technology can be used for indoor tracking in extreme conditions. (i.e. firefighters in a burning building).

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