Whatever happened to Google Glass?

Google Glass is the smart glasses that broke into the mainstream several years ago. When it first arrived on the market, it created a solid buzz simply due to the association with the company Google. Google Glass was an attempt to provide a practical wearable computer for enterprise level distributions. The price tag of $1500 was a high one for many consumers. Not to mention, breaking technology into the fashion industry was not an easy task. Lastly, there were security and safety concerns raised. Wearing a device that looks like glasses into a restricted area to take video and pictures is a privacy concern.

Never the less, it was the first pair of wearable smart eyewear that made it mainstream. From celebrities from Hollywood to athletes in professional sports, the google glass made a lot of noise and almost made it to the mainstream.


Then the buzz wore off. It went quiet. Whatever happened?

Brightersight wrote a few blogs about the rumours of the resurgence of google glass aka Google Glass 2.0.


The resurrection of Glass – Glass 2.0

I’ll be back? Google Glass enterprise is here.

Well, it looks like it might be back. Google filed a patent for the Google Glass 2.0 with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Here it is:


From the looks of it, I think the main issue of the first Google Glass was that fact that everyone knew you had it on. There was a computer on the side of your head protruding to the side of your one eye. There was no discretion what so ever. With the new design, it looks like the wiring can be integrated into a regular pair of glasses.

Brighersight can’t wait to get our hands on a pair and start doing some development.