Can AI be advancing so fast that it now can predict when we are going to die? If any company could build such sophisticated artificial intelligence, it would have to be Google.

Of course, that is exactly what Google has claimed to have done. A new Google study claims algorithm is 95 per cent accurate when predicting when a patient is going to die within 24 hours of being admitted to the hospital.

There are pros and cons to this information of course. This could change the way a patient is treated. What if it was wrong? Where do the lawsuits start? Is it the doctor’s fault in trusting an AI system? Would it be a contractual or tortious liability? Concurrent in both tort and contract liability?

In terms of what BrighterSight is working on, it would be interesting to embed the algorithm into a few wearable systems for paramedics. But then again trust will play a huge factor. So many unknowns yet so intriguing.

To read more about Google’s claim, check out the link below?

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