In our line of business, we run into “Smart eyewear”, and “Augmented reality devices”.  Smart eyewear present information, but typically have to look-up, down, or to the side to view the information. The information is presented into 2d format.

Augmented Reality devices have their display units in your line-of-vision, so they can “augment” what you typically see.  e.g. highlight a chess piece, and where the software thinks it should go. Mixed reality is a combination of AR and VR and brings the best in both together. Mixed Reality allows users to see the world while integrating virtual objects into them, i.e a 3d holographic object. The 3d objects are placed into the real world at the coordinates that plants them into the mixed world. 

In the world of Augmented reality, there is a spectrum of devices that are evolving in the marketplace. Mixed reality might just be the next big thing in the world of wearables. Microsoft has been pushing the boundaries of this revolutionary technology with the initial release of the HoloLens. There is definitely a lot more exciting developments coming soon.

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Here is the latest list of mixed reality headsets coming this year. It is looking like it is going to be a whole new world ,every turn a surprise with new horizons to pursue.
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