Apple and Google have been at it for years in the smartphone world. Apple has the ever-popular iPhone/iPad and Google has its Andriod platform. They are now back at it again, this time it in another world. The Augmented Reality world…..

Here is a look at Google’s ArCore and Apple’s ARkit.


Overall whether you like Apple devices or Andriod devices, the development of Augmented Reality is the real winner here. Users will finally see the next big innovation in the smartphone market. It has been a while since we have seen true innovation in smartphones. With these AR development environments, this will open up a whole new realm of possibilities. Developers will now start making apps in the AR world. Pokemon was just the beginning of the AR craze.

My only question is whether people will want to hold their phones in front of them to experience the AR world through the phones or will they much rather experience it in front of their eyes like google cardboard but in an AR world.

Never the less, the applications are coming and I can think of a lot of interesting and beneficial applications that consumers would love to have on their smartphones.


  1. Integrate flyers into the user’s shopping experience. I.e. see a product and tell me if there is someone selling the product for less so I can price match. Provide an instant review rating of a product.
  2. Give the social media accounts of an individual while I hold the phone in front of them. Could be used to networking or maybe even speed dating.
  3. Show me the bus/train schedule at the stop.
  4. Reviews of places such as stores, restaurants, and hotels.
  5. Quick home remedies for injuries by pointing your phone at a body part such as an ankle.

I can go on and on, but I will let your imagination do the rest!

Start the app development kids!