The Dick Tracy watch might be coming sooner than we think. We all have been amazed thus far with the various voice assistants out in the commercial markets. Alexa and Google assistant and Siri is changing the way we interact with technology. Bringing that voice recognization technology into a wearable device can only add to the functionality of it. This is what Google might be working on with the recent acquisition of Fossil smartwatch company’s smartwatch technology. With this $40 million dollar purchase, Google is coming strong for domination of the wearable market. Google is working on a pixel watch for 2019 already! Can’t wait to see it.

This development is great news and competition for Apple’s smartwatch.

BrigherSight is definitely going to keep an eye out for Google wearable technology and purchase a few devices for testing.


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Source: Google paid $40 million for mystery Fossil smartwatch tech | TechRadar