Google Glass enterprise might soon become Google Glass 3. Google Glass Enterprise was quietly released at the enterprise level and have been successful in several industries. One interesting and intriguing¬†application for enterprise glass is in the medical industry. A company by the name of Augmendix developed a package called Remote Scribe. Augmendix’s slogan is is the following, allows you to spend drastically less time using your EHR for patient charting.

Google Glass has not been successful in the consumer market for many reasons. It was the smart glasses that broke into the mainstream. When it first arrived on the market, it created a solid buzz simply due to the association with the company name Google. Google Glass was an attempt to provide a practical wearable computer for enterprise level distributions. The price tag of $1500 was a high one for many consumers. Not to mention, breaking technology into the fashion industry was not an easy task. Lastly, there were security and safety concerns raised. Wearing a device that looks like glasses into a restricted area to take video and pictures is a privacy concern. From a health and safety perspective, wearing smart wear glasses are considered to be hands-free but there is some debate about whether to operate motor vehicles while having them on.

What will change with version 3? More discrete? Has the world started to accept smart glasses more because of the influx of companies building the devices? Will Google Glass v3 finally break into the consumer mainstream? Lots of questions and looks like only time will tell.

Several consumers have made their own attempts to redesign the Google Glass,

Check this video one to see one of them.

To read more about Google Glass v3 check it out here:–shatter-proof.html


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