Brightersight is a Human-Systems-Integration company specializing in technology, especially wearable technology for First Responders. We use the latest technologies for information capture, processing & visualization, then present the information in a manner that’s useful in dynamic environments.

We’re currently working with paramedics and their tasks while on a call. We believe that wearables have the capacity to enhance tasks for first responders when the technology is used in the right situation.

We have been working with various wearables to look at ways to track data from monitors and present relevant patient information – in a convenient, appropriate manner, such as a smartphone, smart-eyewear, or smartwatch. This access to pertinent data will enable paramedics to identify issues and monitor patient conditions.

There are several other companies that have a similar vision of wearables for paramedics.

Here is are a few from the previous posts:

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Here is another one from MEDGIFT for using Google Glass for pre-hospital care enhancement:

The future looks promising.