Fitbit has been one of the largest fitness wearables in the market. Fitbit devices has built-in GPS amongst many other features that many, including sports athletes, that use it on a daily basis to keep track of their health and fitness. The Fitbit can do many amazing things such as All-Day Activity Exercise Tracking 24/7 Heart Rate Tracking Sleep Tracking & Tools Nutrition & Weight Motivation & Friends Fitbit is now stepping up again with recent health events. They are collaborating with The Scripps Research Institute and Standford Medicine to help detect, track and contain infectious diseases. Could Fitbits be a device that could help early detection of flu-like symptoms? Scripps Research Translational Institute released an app called DETECT. “Your wearable might be an early warning system for viral illness” Standford Medicine has already been doing a lot in the area of crowdsourcing efforts to analyze and predict infectious diseases using wearable data. The combination of the three could lead to some interesting and important developments that could help millions. Fitbit users can participate to help send their data for analysis.

Can a wrist band/watch really save your life?

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