Most of us are on 4g networks with our devices and soon we will get 5G networks, the next generation of mobile internet connectivity. This will have a huge impact on the commercial markets as the majority of our devices will start to adopt the network. It can also have a huge impact on the enterprise business world. In particular, networks for first responders. The United States has been conducting research for dedicated private internet for first responders and recently showcased First Net. FirstNet, from the U.S. First Responder Network Authority and AT&T, is a platform built for just public safety and people to help keep them safe and secure. ‘TOR’ and ‘I2P’ are data encryption systems that run on top of ‘the internet’. ‘FirstNet’ is something that is running on its own physical network that is distinct from ‘the net’. Therefore, if people (the general public) are using up all the bandwidth it will not affect the Firstnet communications, which are working on their own frequency.


First Responders get FirstNet- dedicated private internet

Another company by the name of Cradlepoint has been working on similar research and products. Cradlepoint has been working on a Gigabit-Class LTE Network Solutions for First Responders.

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